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VRF Air Conditioning Installation/VRV Systems

The evolution of modern Air Conditioning has taken the concept a few steps further, by developing large capacity Inverter Driven machines with very impressive EER/COP (Energy Efficiency Ratio) reaching up to 3.8

These allow us to design and install Air Conditioning Installations serving large office blocks, hotels and restaurants where a single pair of pipes can provide efficient Cooling and Heating capacity up to 140kW.

Air Conditioning Installations of this type give perfect individual control, ability to be connected to a wider network via BMS control or just left alone with a fully programmable Central Controller

Natural Gas Powered VRF Systems are available where Electrical Power is of short supply or already overloaded with too many other consumers. Gas Powered VRF Systems are not only totally independent from the electrical network, but can even top up existing small consumers with excess power produced during normal operation.

VRF Air Conditioning Installation is also perfect where limited external space does not allow the fitting of individual Split Air Conditioners

We can design and install these systems, working closely with all major brands, to master the best for every individual project.

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